Books I want to prep/have on hand in case society collapses

Books are heavy – with knowledge. Do they belong in your prep? Are there certain books that everyone should have a copy of? It might not be a good use of space to keep big books in your bug out bag; however, if you are one of the lucky few to have a designated bug out location, stockpiling certain books could be of value.

Let’s take the Book of Eli as an example. In that fictitious glimpse into a post-apocalyptic world, there’s nothing like a copy of the Bible to keep the faith. Denzel Washington kept it in his bug out bag and it served him well. Lesson learned: There are plenty of pocket books that could be useful in a bugout bag.

Personally, I have a collection of books that I store at my bugout location. They’re mostly hunting, gardening, building, or food related in some way. Here are some of the stars of the collection:

Barbecue’n with Bobby by Bobby Seale

– Cookbooks might just make up the majority of my stash. I have ones that are old enough to have hand drawn illustrations in lieu of pictures of the finish product. This particular one is not that old but it does have a certain unique OG flair because of its author: Bobby Seale. If shit hits the fan, I want to know how to throw a proper, potentially Black Panther approved, BBQ. 

Old Wildfowling Tales Volume II, III, and IV by Worth Mathewson

Some of these baby are actually signed! These are collections of old timey hunting stories from around the world and each story is equal parts educational and entertaining. The vast majority of these stories predate the widespread use of electricity and there are countless tips on hunting, bird habits, how to stay warm, how to set up a blind, and more all entertwined into epic tales of success. They make me yearn for a time of more plentiful wildlife, and provide the motivation to go out and succeed in my own pursuits.

Stalking the Faraway Places by Euell Gibbons

This is an extension of Gibbons’ usual work. Instead of focusing on the ins and outs of a particular species, he regales the tales of entire foraging trips that he has completed in the most obscure of locations. This book reminds me that edible food can be found in even the farthest reaches of our country.

Stalking the Healthful Herbs by Euell Gibbons

A classic Gibbons field guide – and always get the field guide edition of his books. This book goes hrough the medicinal uses of many edible plants that are often overlooked. Gibbons presents his own personal experiences, and also tales that he has heard first or second hand that have not yet been verified. The two are properly differentiated so there is no confusion to the reader.

Honorable Mentions

  • Gourmet Style Road Kill Cooking by Jeff Eberbaugh
  • The Complete Fish Cookbook by Dan & Inez Morris
  • Camouflage Cuisine – Wild Game & Seafood Cookery of the South by Doreas Brown
  • Cy Littlebee’s Guide to Cooking Fish and Game by Werner O’Nagel

PS: This list will be added to over time.

PPS: Stay tuned for an article on how to properly store books. And another one on how to properly bury them as part of a cache.

PPPS: Worst case, it can be used as a fire starter.

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