Is it possible to be 100% ready for a SHTF scenario?

As some man has undoubtedly paraphrased better than I before, there are three types of things in this world that are worth trying to up your readiness level for:

  1. known knowns
  2. known unknowns
  3. unknown unknowns

Is it possible to prepare for known knowns and known unknowns? In short… Yes.

Is it possible to prepare for unknown unknowns? Yes – with situational awareness training and similar skills. That isn’t the question posed in the title of this site’s expositionary piece, though.

Is it possible to be 100% ready for an unknown unknown? That answer is unknown – by definition. Mathematically speaking, while the possibility that in hindsight – post SHTF scenario – it turns out that you were ready to deal with the unknown. All that would mean is that you were properly prepped, not that you were 100% ready. Maybe it’s possible to be 99% ready for an unknown unknown, but that readiness level can never reach 100%.

Well if I can’t be ready… Should I prep?

It’s impossible to be ready, but it’s possible to be prepared – or as we call it in prepper parlace: Prepped.

Join me on this journey where we answer the one question that matters:

Am I Prepped?

This is my honest promise to you: My goal will be to convince you that you are not prepped.

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